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Sponge cookies are produced according to a 100 year-old plus recipe, in a traditional, hand-made way. They are easily digested, a fact demonstrated during an artificial digestion test during which 99.66% of the sponge cakes was digested.
Nutritional information per 100 g of product: energy 1696 kJ/405 kcal, protein 10.1 g, carbohydrate 74.5 g, fat 7.4 g.
The sponge cookies contain: wheat flour, fresh eggs, sugar and honey. Our products are delicious thanks to the ingredients and technology used.
The taste and nutritional value of the products of Dr Stanisław Gurgul’s Factory of Cakes and Sweets Ltd. is appreciated not only by Polish consumers, but also by customers in the USA and Canada. In these countries they are known as “Lady’s Fingers.”
Sponge cookies are recommended to all consumers, especially infants, children and elderly people.
They have a shelf life of 6 months.Every mother caring for her children’s health will use only GURGUL’S sponge cookies.
Cracow 28 May 1905
Doc. Ignacy Lemberger
 Biszkopty 150g


 Biszkopty 60g
 1. Sponge cookies 150 g
Carton contains 20 pieces
Carton’s net weight 3.00 kg
 2. Sponge cookies 60 g
Carton contains 56 pieces
Carton’s net weight 3.36 kg
   Biszkopty podłużne luzem
 3. Sponge cookies 140 g
Carton contains 20 pieces
Carton’s net weight 2.80 kg
 4. Sponge fingers loose
Container: net carton 2.50 kg
 Biszkopty okrągłe luzem
5. Round sponge cookies loose
Container: net carton 2,50 kg